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Bootstrapped exists to help pre and early-stage entrepreneurs plan, set up and grow their business. We help small business owners advance their business skills so they can stay current in a rapidly changing environment.  We do this by offering a suite of resources, webinars, tutorials, live discussions and discounted services. 



How Can Bootstrapped Help?

For Start-Ups, Hobby Enthusiasts and Side-kickers

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Join Bootstrapped to receive our customised start-up templates:

  • Business Plan 

  • Start-up Budget

  • Customer Persona

  • Start-up Checklist

  • Break-even Analysis

  • Video tutorials


You will also have access to over 50 other resources, discounted services and free consults with our industry gurus. Members can save up to $5000 in services.


DIY Start-up Kit



We will show you how to set up a business for less than $500:

  • Business Registration

  • Trademark & Domain Search

  • Website Templates & Hosting ($182 pa)

  • Accounting (From $8 pm)

  • Free Marketing Tips & Services

  • Free graphic design apps

  • Customised Legal Documents (From $70)


For Established Businesses

Get the support you need to take your business to the next level


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Do you need someone to do the work for you? Access our team of industry gurus who specialise in marketing, insurance, business development, coaching & mentoring for growth, finance, legal, IP, accounting, people management, brand development, collaboration marketing and customer engagement through our Bootstrapped membership. Score free resources and consults plus discounted services. 


Relevant & Up To Date Training


Through our online learning, we will inspire and motivate you to build your business from the ground up. Our video tutorials, interviews and webinars are delivered by real-world business owners. Business owners who have walked in your shoes, who have done the hard yards, and you have come out at the other end.

  • Weekly LIVE interviews with industry experts

  • Webinars

  • Masterclasses

  • Workshops



For pre-entrepreneurs, mumpreneurs, entrepreneurs & small biz owners

THE learning starts after you launch


membership perks


Bootstrapped has (and continues to) secure significant free and discounted services to support our mission via collaborations with industry gurus. Coupled with Bootstrapped's own rich content and services, our members have access to a huge cache of support and resources. These resources are available to Bootstrapped clients and members.








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"You don't know what you need to know
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Our mission

Our mission is to be the go-to organisation for pre and early-stage business owners.


We want to play a part in helping business owners work in a business they are passionate about, be informed, stay relevant, be viable, and survive during the Corona Virus. 




Join our community

Being an entrepreneur shouldn’t happen in splendid isolation so join the Bootstrapped Community and fire up your networks and support groups. 

Be part of a community that grows when you grow.


Ask peers what they think about your business goals - get the feedback you need before making those big decisions.


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Our unique membership provides exclusive offers valued at over $5000.


Inside the hub, members will access tools needed to start, launch and manage their business. Including 50 resources, access to 20 industry experts, one-on-one support, 24-7 IR support, and 100's of DIY tech solutions that will help save time and money.  

Real life stories from Bootstrapped business owners

They say it takes 3 businesses, ideas, products or concepts before you hit the jackpot. One Bootstrapper went through 14 businesses before she found the business model that worked.


Some say it's “Fail Fast, Fail Often.” Others say it's “Fail Better.” And others say it's “Fail Forward.”

Don't be too hard on yourself. Having a business is a lot harder than everyone claims.

Grab some inspo from our interviews below.

In The Raw

March 22, 2020

If sales have plummeted during Covid - 19, see this as an opportunity to work on your business.

Now more than ever it is crucial for businesses to work ON their business so they can be prepared to pivot where necessary. Below is a list of things you could work ON during this crazy time:

Revise your business plan

Has your business had to pivot in the last few weeks? Is your current business plan now redundant?Schools and...

May 25, 2018

Bootstrapped's Free & Easy Local Marketing Tips

With over 15 years experience in marketing and business development I have learnt what works and what doesn't work, what costs a bomb, and what you can do with little to no marketing budget.

Here are my all time favourite free, cheap and easy local marketing tips:


  • Create a suite of Insta & Facebook stories; posts; and live videos.

  • Email your database with sp...

May 22, 2018

Here's 6 areas to work on when you want to make it in business:

BRANDING: find your niche and make a connection to them. Ensure your brand matches the story you want to tell .. in tone, language, colour, logos, and marketing.

SYSTEMS: make sure you have the right systems in place to ensure you maximise efficiencies, increase productivity and minimize costs.

MARKETING: no one will go searching for you - you need to get your...

On this week's Bootstrapped In The Raw Podcast - we talk with Meryl Johnston - Founder of Bean Ninjas on how she created and launched a business with just $1000 in 7 days.

Tell us about your business:

Bean Ninjas is a productised service specialising in bookkeeping using Xero.

Most accountants serve a local market.

Instead we serve a very niche global market. We specialise in bookkeeping using Xero for businesses selling...

Not feeling the Insta love in your feed? Need more photos for your content library? Want some great new product shots? Or maybe you just want to meet some like minded people?

Join myself and our super guru - Nicole Barralet on our first ever photography walking tour where Nicole (not I) will show you how to capture original, and engaging photos.  The walking tour will take place at the stunning New Farm Park grounds in Brisbane...

Introducing Bootstrapped Membership's -  IN THE RAW series.

Raw (unedited) interviews with small business owners & entrepreneurs who aren't afraid to share what it is really like to have a business. 

This week on IN THE RAW we talk with Suzanne Carroll, Founder and Inventor of Cool Clutch.

This nifty innovation allows women to pack their lunch or wine (in a cool bag), their laptop and everything else we need into the one bag...

January 23, 2018

Introducing Bootstrapped Membership's -  IN THE RAW series.

Raw (unedited) interviews with small business owners & entrepreneurs who aren't afraid to share what it is really like to have a business. 

Tracey, tell us about your business - Ethical Direct Selling Group

We are ethical mentors and trainers for the Direct Selling industry.  We are on a mission to impact the industry and change the perception, we do this with our f...

We have opened the doors to Bootstrapped Membership. 

Bootstrapped - a membership for small business owners exists to help pre & early stage entrepreneurs plan, set up, start and grow their business.

It is jam packed with free (and discounted) services, resources, tips, and how-to guides.

We have teamed up with a bunch of industry gurus who are offering our members the following:


24 hour HR support

Legal consultations

IP consul...

On this week's Bootstrapped Membership - IN THE RAW podcast we talk with Sarah and Emily - Founders of Vivra

where they tell Bootstrapped what it is really like to operate a lean fashion accessory label.

Sarah and Emily take us through their startup journey including their idea conception, overcoming startup challenges, creating a business on a lean budget, how finding the right business partner can make all the difference and...

Sarah Sarson - Founder of Little Empire tells Bootstrapped Membership what it is really like to start and own an organic baby clothing company.  (PODCAST NOW AVAILABLE HERE)

Little Empire is a family business founded in 2017 by former German actress Sarah and her Australian husband Shaun. Together with their daughter Aila, the couple lives in Bali. (At least for now). “ We are kind of modern gypsies and we like t...

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