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Sally Bird - Founder and lover of all things business


There is so much more to starting a business than choosing a name, creating a business plan and developing a website. It takes time, energy, money, skill, passion and a whole lot of resilience.


I was so excited to start my own consulting business a couple of years ago. I had been a Sales Executive, a Buyer, a HR Manager, an Operations Manager, a Marketing Manager, a National BDM, a Commercial Services Manager, a Business Coach and even a Board Director. I had worked in fashion, hospitality, music, education, health and even did a two-year stint as a Partnerships Manager for Australia's largest student services buying co-operative. I managed 20 small businesses and 300 staff at the one time. I turned businesses that were making a loss into ones that made multi-million dollar profits in less than 6 months. I have sat on various committees for companies such as Red Bull, Frucor, Lion, CCA, and Schweppes. I had even run national competitions for Australian universities such a the National Campus DJ Comp, Band Comp and Arts comp. 


Seriously with all that experience what else did I need to know about running a successful business?  


Well, it turned out there WAS a hell of a lot more I needed to know. Being a small business owner is very different to running an organisation that's pumped with resources. Suddenly there is no IT department, no graphic designer, no finance guru, and no sidekick .. and you need to become a master of everything overnight. 

Going on this journey made me want to help others and that's how Bootstrapped came about. Entrepreneurship can be taught and through the membership and business coaching services we aim to educate small businesses on how to become a sustainable business.